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Millennials have entered that phase in their lives where words like house plans, EMI’s and Bedroom ideas intrigue them. It’s partly also due to the fact they have been saving quite a lot to build their first new home. Whether it is for self or with family or spouses, millennials have been looking for bedroom ideas to tap into. 

Now, it might sound expensive. But let us assure you that the bedroom ideas that we shall be tapping into aren’t just expensive pieces of art to decorate your walls with. They are affordable, well thought out, and extremely flexible with your walls. 

So Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas: For The New Minds

Boho: Minimalistic Bedroom Ideas

 Minimalistic bedroom decor has never looked this beautiful. These bedroom design ideas are as much about accessories as they are about murals. Decorate your room with exotic potted plants, lamps, paintings and all of them will be going beautifully with these wall murals. 

Boho is a western concept originating from Europe and had been quite the craze recently. They have among the bedroom ideas that millennials have been looking forward to for quite some time. And with these minimalistic murals, they have never been this accessible. 

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Vintage Bedroom Ideas: For The New Minds

This generation of today has been obsessed with yesterday. Whether it is nostalgia or it is the fact that they look absolutely beautiful. Vintage and retro designs have been making a comeback. And there is no better place to indulge with them than our own bedrooms. Loud, bold colors, hippie pop designs make up for these murals. 

They can be accompanied by decors like typewriters, paintings, and your parents’ old TV that you got from them for aesthetic purposes. 

Nevertheless Old was, is, and shall always be Gold.

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Floral Aesthetic

Abstract Bedroom Ideas:

Now when we say abstract, it isn’t supposed to mean just about anything. There is a method to the madness and caution to chaos. Some are symmetrical and some are calculatingly asymmetrical. These color combinations with boldly fitting designs make up for so much of a bedroom’s personality.

This is the beautiful madness of nature being bestowed upon you. These mural designs are surprisingly among the most flexible ones as they go great with anything because of their tendency to suit everything.

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Floral Aesthetics:

Flowers will never go out of style. Whether they symbolize romance or emotional tranquility, floral aesthetics will always stay. These silent colors scream elegance and these bedroom ideas go well with almost anything and anyone. 


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Pop Culture:

On clicking this link, you will be sent to a web page where you shall be able to use your favorite pop culture icons, posters, quotes, or aesthetics and turn them into how you want your walls to be. The Process of that is fairly simple. Click here to see the process.

But other than that, there shall always be designs that attract evergreen pop culture fanatics into appreciation.