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First impressions last

Stairwells are where it all happens, don’t believe in the idea that the main entrance of your building is what’s creating the “first impression”, in multiple storied buildings, the passageway and stairwells serve as the venue for drawing first impressions from your clients or employees. This is where expectations and hope usually rise or decline.

Picture this, you’ve recently moved cities and left your high rise apartment in Mumbai and found yourself the perfect duplex bungalow in the city you moved to, the address is easy to reach, the roads aren’t too difficult to navigate. You reach your new home and you’re excited to call this city your new home but as you push the doors of your house, all you see is an uncared mess of a place, barren in thought and spark you find it to be dull and boring but guess what, the Magicdecor ® experience is even better when you have an entire house to plan for and decorate. You can choose any one from our list of designs for every room, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to decorate the stairwell as well because apart from spending time in the rooms, you’ll also be spending time going to those room from the stairwell. Don’t let your friends feel like the ambience of your house boring and dull, give every space some personality with our personalised wallpapers at Magicdecor ®.

Revive expectations

A quick tip for immediate results is to take advantage of the natural dramatic composition of the architecture of stairwell. Use the walls as a space to depict a even a simple story can buildup anticipation and expectation in your visitors, whether it is friends and family at home or employees and clients at your office.

Choose from our design catalogues and create an exciting room that offers your visitors new views floor by floor and suddenly using the stairs won’t be as tedious and exhausting.

Digitally printed, modern, durable and customized wallpaper have a whole new world of expressions with digitally printed, customized wallpapers that are durable and environment friendly, for public spaces and walls with unusual dimensions like that of a stairwell.

Our design team creates majestic wall murals that could bring exteriors to interiors. Collaborate with our team and turn the dull and unassuming stairwell into a real colorful experience.

Feeling inspired?

Here’re some nice ideas on how to build up the atmosphere floor by floor:

1) Decide upon a final theme and stick to it.

2) If you have walls on both sides of the stairway, wallpaper both of them.

3) Determine the base colors frok the wall mural and paint the remaining walls in those accent color hues.

4) Using different wall murals to depict an overall theme or story on each new floor is a bold move that will enhance the experience.

5) Incorporate the surroundings into the theme, like elevators.

6) Wallpaper windows. If your stairwell lacks natural light and depth of windows, apply wallpaper on windows too.

7) Hanging a wall mural on the wall where you wish there was another window.

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